GTA V: $170 Million

170 Million Dollars.

Just roll that number around in your head for a moment.

170 Million Dollars.
170 MILLION Dollars.
170 Million Dollars.

That is approximately how much Grand Theft Auto V has cost to make.

170 Million Dollars.

$170 Million.  I still can't imagine how massive that will look in Trevor's run-down trailer.

$170 Million.
I still can’t imagine how massive that will look in Trevor’s run-down trailer.

That’s about the same as Iron Man 2, or Terminator 3 cost to make and, suddenly, it doesn’t really seem so much. I know it’s still a lot of money, but when titles of other forms of media, (many of which less people will consume and certainly those who do will enjoy it for a lesser period of time), are costing almost double this to make, I’d say it’s a damn good investment.
Hell, Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End cost around $300 Million to make and, though I’m sure it made more than that at the box office, I fail to believe it could have done what Rockstar’s latest monster has and MADE IT BACK ON PRE-ORDERS ALONE!

That is insane, that already, a week before the game is even released, Rockstar have already broken even. With 3 Million pre-orders in the U.K alone, GTA V looks set to be the biggest game ever, of all time and, to be honest, I fail to see how any other title currently either rumoured, or being developed, could hope to top that.

Sure, the new Call of Duty has a chance, but I always feel a little sick when a game that I haven’t found enjoyable for the last four instalments beats any kind of Gaming record. Even Half-Life 3, at this point, couldn’t topple GTA’s astonishing pre-order amount.

With the decision to hold off on releasing the multiplayer until the 1st of October not hurting the sales at all, I am desperately looking forward to the release date. Let’s see how long it takes me to amass $170 Million in game, compared to the speed at which Rockstar have already made it back.


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